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The New Jersey Hospital Association's archive is an archival record of the organization from its establishment in 1918. As such it contains historical information about not only NJHA, but its members, New Jersey's hospitals and their healthcare professionals. It covers New Jersey's health care policy, legislation, regulation and healthcare delivery system as well as a variety of other health care topics and issues. While some records exist from the early years of the archive, the bulk of the historical information begins after World War II, in the late 1940's. NJHA is the parent corporation. Also included are the records of NJHA's subsidiary corporations, including the nonprofit Health Research and Educational Trust of New Jersey, a 501(c) (3) and it's for profit entity the Healthcare Business Solutions. It includes records of several other NJHA corporate subsidiaries such as the insurance funds, and the Middle Atlantic Health Congress, that NJHA participated in. Some record series are confidential and do not allow access. Many other records are available to qualified researchers and an application form to apply for research access is available. Onsite access is available to no more than two researchers at a time. SERVICES: Very limited Library provided research and photocopying services can be provided to qualified researchers who cannot come onsite. Onsite access is at no charge and offsite services of the archive are at a fee-for-service.


The NJHA Association Archive Finding Aid is available upon request and provides a detailed list of record series, some annotated in the aid. In general there are 17 record series and nearly 200 archival boxes. It consists primarily of print documents however the archive does include an oversized collection of posters and blueprints, slides, videos, photographs, a manuscript from the first association president, two archival boxes of realia and guest registers. NJHA is a publisher of grey literature, monographs, serials and data and this information covers 1946 to the present.

Subject Strengths:
History of Hospitals; History of Public Health
Last Updated:
01 Jun 2018