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Sophia Smith Collection
Smith College

Smith College
Northampton, Massachusetts 01063
United States
Amy Hague, Curator of Manuscripts
(413) 585-2970
1 413-585-2970
Fax: (413) 585-2886

The Sophia at Smith Collection is an internationally recognized repository of manuscripts, archives, photographs, periodicals and other primary sources in women’s history. It was founded in 1942 to be the library’s distinctive contribution to the college’s mission of educating women. The staff regularly responds to reference requests by phone, mail, fax, e-mail, and in person. A picture I. D. is required on the first visit. Although it is not necessary to notify the reference staff in advance of a visit, researchers are encouraged to do so to be certain that the materials they wish to use are available. They may also request finding aids be sent in advance. Photocopying and reproduction of images and audiovisual materials are available upon request. For more information, visit our website.


The SSC consists of over 600 collections (almost 10,000 linear feet) of material in manuscript, print, photographic and audiovisual formats. The holdings document the historical experience of women in the United States and abroad from the colonial era to the present. Subject strengths include birth control and reproductive rights, women’s rights, suffrage, the contemporary women’s movement, U. S. women working abroad, the arts, the professions, and family life. Many of these collections are rich sources of visual, as well as manuscript and printed material.

Included are a number of collections and oral histories of women in medicine (physicians, nurses, public health specialists, medical missionaries, midwives, and medical researchers). For a detailed listing, see

The SSC also holds many more collections related to women’s health, particularly in the area of reproductive in the U. S. and internationally. These include the records of Planned Parenthood Federation of America (PPFA), New England Hospital for Women and Children, National Women’s Health Network, Midwives’ Alliance of North America, the Population and Reproductive Health Oral History Project, the Margaret Sanger Papers, and many others.

1. Alauddin, Mohammad
2. Appel, Cheri
3. Asetoyer, Charon
4. Avery, Byllye
5. Benshoof, Janet
6. Calderone, Mary
7. Camp, Sharon
8. Campbell, Loraine
9. Cates, Willard
10. Clothier, Florence
11. Concepcion, Mercedes
12. Cook, Katsi
13. Curlin, Peggy
14. Darney, Phillip
15. Darrow, Louise
16. David, Henry
17. Delano, Grace
18. Donaldson, Peter
19. Dryfoos, Joy
20. Duke, Robin
21. Dunlop, Joan
22. Ferguson, Frances
23. Frank, Richard
24. Germaine, Adrienne
25. Gillespie, Duff
26. Gillespie, Robert
27. Henry, Frances
28. Jaramillo, Mario
29. Johnson, J
30. Kabir, Sandra
31. Kissling, Francis
32. Marguire, Elizabeth
33. Marshall, Kathryn
34. Martinez, Luz
35. Mechai, Viravaidya
36. Morris, Leo
37. Neuse, Margaret
38. Pellegrom, Daniel
39. Piotrow, Phyllis
40. Potts, Malcolm
41. Ravenholt, Reimert
42. Rice-Wray, Edris
43. Richards, Cory
44. Rogers, Everett
45. Rosenfield, Allan
46. Rosoff, Jeannie
47. Ross, Loretta
48. Sadik, Nafis
49. Sai, Fred
50. Saika, Peggy
51. Sanger, Margaret
52. Satterthwaite, Adaline
53. Scruggs, Stirling
54. Seims, Sara
55. Sheeran, Patrick
56. Sinding, Steve
57. Speidel, J
58. Thomas, Caroline
59. Toure, Nkenge
60. Ward, Wynona
61. Watters, Hyla
Subject Strengths:
History of Gynecology and Obstetrics; History of Hospitals; History of Medical Missionaries; History of Medicine; History of Midwifery; History of Nursing; History of Public Health; History of Reproductive Health; History of Women in Medicine
Last Updated:
24 Apr 2017