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The archives provide information on the Boston University Medical Center and its component institutions: Schools of Medicine, Dental Medicine and Public Health, the Division of Graduate Medical Sciences, the hospital and its affiliates. Physical access to this collection is for onsite use only. Online access to a collection of BU Medical Campus publications is available via the OpenBU digital repository. SERVICES: Reference, photocopy and photo-reproduction. Researchers should arrange appointments to ensure availability of materials and workspace. The history of medicine collection is a circulating one. SERVICES: Reference, photocopy, photo-reproduction and library loan.


The archives collection contains 1 17th century title, 90 18th century titles and 375 19th century titles. The archive journals from 1848 to the present provide school catalogs, annual reports, in-house publications and yearbooks. The hospital records, primarily administrative and financial in nature and kept in file cabinets, cover 1855-1964. These encompass the Mass. Homoeopathic Hospital, the Mass. Memorial Hospitals and University Hospital—all predecessors of the Boston Medical Center. The file cabinet collections of the Medical, Dental, Public Health Schools, along with the Graduate Medical Sciences Division, provide administrative and budgetary information about the schools but also their particular education programs and research projects. The images collection of over 1000 items cover individual students, faculty, staff and alumni of the medical center and its components; class pictures from the different schools; buildings (interiors and exteriors) and environs of the past, present and future. The Medical instruments collection has 300 pieces used in surgery and general practice. The Doris Appel History of Medicine Collection of over 2200 titles, named in 1980 in honor of the well known medical historian and sculptor, has a wide variety of offerings: general sweep of history from antiquity to modern times; medicine in various countries and time periods; discoveries, trends and developments; rise of specialties; organizational histories; and biographies of famous physicians and those who are well known in their communities.

Subject Strengths:
History of Anatomy; History of Cardiology; History of Dermatology; History of Epidemiology and Infectious Diseases; History of Gerontology; History of Gynecology and Obstetrics; History of Hospitals; History of Medical Education; History of Medicine; History of Military/Naval Medicine; History of Neurology; History of Nursing; History of Ophthalmology and Optometry; History of Otorhinolaryngology; History of Parasitology; History of Pathology; History of Pediatrics; History of Pharmacology and Pharmacy; History of Physiology; History of Psychiatry; History of Public Health; History of Radiology; History of Specialization in Medicine; History of Stomatology; History of Surgery; History of Women in Medicine; History of the Practice of Medicine; Materia Medica
Last Updated:
30 Jul 2021