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The Armand J. Quick Collection includes digitized reproductions of materials from the Medical College of Wisconsin Archives that relate to the work and life of Armand Quick, Ph.D., M.D. Dr. Quick is best known for the Quick prothrombin test.

Printing from the digitized collection is available in the library, however, printing fees apply.

The Armand J. Quick, M.D., PhD. Collection is available to users in the Medical College of Wisconsin Libraries whenever the library is open. Appointments are not required, but calling ahead is recommended.


The coverage for the Armand J. Quick, M.D., Ph.D. Collection is 1920-1976. The collection consists of photos and a bibliography of his collected works. Citations in the bibliography are either linked to full-text content or to the library's online catalogs.

Holdings include: 5 volumes of monographs from 20th century, 6 photos/portraits, one award and one diploma.

Subject Strengths:
History of Hematology
Last Updated:
14 May 2020