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Great Basin History of Medicine Program
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University of Nevada School of Medicine, Doctors Hood History of Medicine Library/306
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The new historical library, museum, conference room, reading room, and lounge are housed in the University of Nevada School of Medicine library. The collection includes eyeglasses, medical instruments dating from the Civil War era, medical furniture, 19th century books, modern history of medicine books and journals, a collection of Paiute and Shoshone Indian artifacts, oral histories, photographs, and history of medicine displays in Reno and Las Vegas. The program's press, Greasewood Press, publishes a free quarterly bulletin, Greasewood Tablettes, and books on the history of health sciences in Nevada. SERVICES include Reference assistance, interlibrary loans, photocopying, and photographic reproduction.


More than 7,000 photographs relating to the University of Nevada School of Medicine, the Nevada State Medical Association, frontier military medicine in the Great Basin, Nevada hospitals and doctors in Nevada since 1875. The collection includes copies of the Greasewood Tablettes since its inception in 1989 (most recent volumes posted on our web site); more than 70 oral histories relating to public health, hospitals, and the practice of medicine and dentistry dating from 1939. The medical instrument collection includes the Donald Mousel eyeglass collection of over 100 items dating from the 18th century; the Fred Anderson collection of early Nevada Indian artifacts and medical instruments; 19th century surgical instruments, and early 20th century medical furniture and instruments. Book collection includes titles published by the Greasewood Press; books on Nevada History with references to medicine; approximately 50 19th century books; several 18th century books; some 110 current monographs on the history of medicine; 50 books on military medicine; early issues of the Bulletin of the Nevada State Medical Association; several other history-related journals; the complete New York Academy of Medicine Library Catalog and the Index-Catalogue of the Library of the Surgeon General's Office, U.S. Army, 1880-1955; and a file collection of over one hundred years of medicine in Nevada. We have a list of more than 700 doctors who practiced in Nevada between 1857 and 1900. The complete collection of the Classics of Medicine is housed in the medical library.

Subject Strengths:
History of Medicine; History of Stomatology
Last Updated:
05 Apr 2018