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NYU College of Dentistry has a very valuable and uniquely assembled dentally related rare book collection. The over 1000 volumes represent a portion of the famous Weinberger Collection. Dr Bernhard Weinberger (1885-1960), an alumnus of University of Pennsylvania School of Dental Medicine, class of 1910 and a specialist in orthodontics, was a faculty at NYU Dentistry from 1923-1931 as lecturer in History of Dentistry. A 1931 article in the Dental Survey stated: the collection was... "the most complete orthodontic, rare books, historical and bibliographic dental library in the world”. During the 1950s he decided to sell some of his books at auction. However, a significant portion of his 5000 volume collection ended up in the possession of NYU College of Dentistry in the late 1950s. The books were kept for decades in relative obscurity until being brought back to prominence during the last decade. The library was moved into new quarters in the Dean's Suite on the 10th floor of the Weissmann building and the current effort to digitize it is a deliberate attempt to open to the world.

Please note: In order to protect the fragile copies in our collection, wherever available, we used already scanned copies to link the digital version of the books. However, we have the original copies available to scholars for inspection.

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Over 1000 volumes: 18 volumes from the 16th century with the earliest being from 1543; 39 volumes from the 17th century, 122 titles from the 18th century and the rest from the 19th with some early 20th century volumes included. The website lists ALL titles by century. Access them by clicking on the right side of the screen. Having digitized all 16, all 17 and 18th century titles, those completed have a cover story and a link to a digital version of the book. The digitization is now moving to titles from the 19th century. Started two years ago with 16 digital copies displayed, the digitization now has completed 160 titles. The College is in the process of developing a Virtual Museum of the History of Dentistry that includes dental instruments and 19th century painkiller medicine bottles (https://Sketchfab/ais1).

Sampling from the 24 acquisitions of the current year:

1557 Ecole de la Salerne De conservanda bona valetudine,i
1573 Fracastoro, Girolamo Opera Omnia
1597 Capivaccio, Girolamo Medicina practica
1601 Campolongo, Emilio Sémeiótiké
1645 Fernell, Jean Universa medicina.
1650 Settala, Ludovico Cautionum Medicarum
1652 Ponce de Santacruz, Antonio De Impedimentis magnorum
1652 Hippocrates of Cos, Prosperus, Martianus Magnus Hippocrates Explicatus
1656 Scultetus, Johannes Armamentarium Chirurgicum
1659 Vigier, Joanne Opera Medico-Chirurgia
1661 Harvey, William de Motu Cordis
1669 Thevenin, Francois Les Oevvres
1671 De la Boe, Sylvius Operum
1671 Rivere, Lazare Praxis Medica cum theoria.
1672 Rivere, Lazare Opera Medica
1674 Houllier, Jacques - Jacobus Holleri Stampani Omnia Opera Practica
1677 Bartholin, Thomas Anatome Quartus Renovata
1679 De la Boe, Sylvius Silvii Opera Medica
1686 Tencke, Jerome Instrumenta Curationis morborum
1689 Waldschmidt, Johann Jacob Institutions Medicinae Rationalis
1691 Ettmuller, Michael Nouvelle Chirurgie Medicale et Resonee
1695 Bernier, J Histoire Cronologique de la Medecine, et des Medecins,
1735 Guy de Chauliac Le Maistre en Chirurgie
1750 Heister, Laurence A General System of Surgery

Collection Subject Strengths: A unique collection of History of Dentistry titles

Subject Strengths:
History of Dentistry; History of Medicine
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06 Oct 2021