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Lokman I. Meho, University Librarian and Associate Professor
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​The University Libraries consist of Nami Jafet Memorial Library as the main library which also includes the Archives and Special Collections, the Engineering and Architecture Library, the Saab Memorial Medical Library, and the Science and Agriculture Library, with its annex library at the Agricultural Research and Education Center (AREC) in the Beqa'a Valley. The first Library was founded with the University in 1866. Jafet Library was founded in 1952 and the Medical Library was founded in 1975. The Medical Library houses a number of historically important items, some of which are digitized, such as:
Abdul-Massih Massuh - Accreditations and Van Dyck's Notes on Physiology - عبد المسيح مسّوح
Abi Bakr al-Razi, On Chickenpox and Measles, 1872 - كتاب في الجدري والحصبة لابي بكر محمد بن زكريا الرازي
Ahmed Al-Rashidi, "Materia Medica" - كتاب عمدة المحتاج في علمى الأدوية والعلاج للسيد أحمد افندى الرشيدى
American University of Beirut Faculty of Medicine Annual Reports
Annual Reports of the Lebanon Hospital for the Insane at Asfouriyeh
Avicenna's Book of Canon, 1593 - كتاب القانون في الطب لابن سينا
Baillière's Popular Atlas of the ِAnatomy and Physiology of the Female Human Body, 1921 (in English) By Hubert E.J. Biss, M.A., M.D. Cantab., D.P.H.
The Doctor, A Journal of Science and Medicine (Al-Tabib) - الطبيب مجلة طبية علمية صناعية
George E. Post: The Arabic Post Flora - Volume I - نبات سوريا و فلسطين و القطر المصري و بواديها تأليف د. جورج بوست
George E. Post: The Flora Of Syria, Palestine And Sinai, 2nd ed.,1932
Hassanein Al-Ziftawi, The Cannon of Health - حسنين الزفتاوي كتاب قانون الصحة
Histology Instructional Posters, 1930's and 1940's
Instructional Posters, 1930's and 1940's
Dr. John Wortabet, Fundamentals of Autopsy, 1871 - كتاب التوضيح في اصول التشريح د. يوحنا ورتبات
Mohammed Bin Omar Al-Tunisi, A Book on Plants - كتاب النبات محمد بن عمر التونسي بن سليمان
Old AUB Diplomas: Dentistry and Pharmacy
Old AUB Photos taken from Annual Reports: Syrian Protestant College, 1866-67 to 1901-02
Old Thesis: Hand-written Pharmacy Theses, 1897-1919
MD Theses, 1928-1931
Philips' Popular Manikin, 1900: The Principles of Natural Philosophy
The Science of the Medical Materials and their Use in Medicine
Al-Shifa, Journal of Medicine, Cairo 1886 - 1890 - الشفاء صحيفة طبية جراحية
Tamir Nassar - articles and albums from expeditions in the 1930s
Van Dyck's Principles of Pathology, 1878 - أصول الباثولوجية الداخلية الخاصة


The collections consist of 450,000 print book titles, 1,000,000 electronic books, 5,000 print periodical titles (2,000 in Arabic), and hundreds of local and regional journals and newspapers going back to the late 19th and early 20th centuries. The libraries also provide access to 130,000 electronic periodicals and subscribe to 350 databases. The Archives and Special Collections contain 934 linear feet of archival material, 1,800 manuscripts (most of which are in Arabic), 10,000 rare books, 10,000 theses, projects, and dissertations going back to the early 20th century, 5,000 posters, 800 postcards, and 1,700 maps, as well as 72,000 photographs (including over 20,000 negatives) of unique and historical nature. Many of the books and manuscripts in the Archives and Special Collections cover Arab and Islamic science and medicine and the achievements of Arab and Muslim physicians and scientists during the medieval ages.

Subject Strengths:
History of Alternative Medicine; History of Anesthesiology and Anesthesia; History of Botany; History of Dentistry; History of Epidemiology and Infectious Diseases; History of Hospitals; History of Medical Education; History of Medical Missionaries; History of Medicine; History of Midwifery; History of Neurology; History of Nursing; History of Ophthalmology and Optometry; History of Pathology; History of Psychiatry; History of Psychology; History of Public Health; History of Surgery; History of Women in Medicine; History of the Allied Health Sciences; History of the Practice of Medicine; Islamic medicine; Local History
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02 Apr 2020