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Association of American Medical Colleges
Reference Center and Mary H. Littlemeyer Archives

2450 N Street, N.W.
Washington, District of Columbia 20037-1167
United States
Marian Taliaferro, Director
(202) 828-0433
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Fax: (202) 862-6136

The Association of American Medical Colleges Mary H. Littlemeyer Archives contains papers relating to the history, governance, internal operations and programs of the Association. The AAMC makes records and other historical materials available to constituents and other qualified researchers upon request. The materials do not circulate, but may be used onsite. Copying is permitted if it does not damage the records.

An online digital collection entitled "Foundations of AAMC History" is available via


The collection contains historical records (institutional publications, committee minutes and proceedings, reports, meeting programs, photos, etc.), documenting the Association’s activities since its founding in 1876. These include applicant, matriculant and graduate studies, as well as research on various aspects of medical education, etc.) Secondary books on the history of medical, including a special collection of many of the histories of U. S. and Canadian medical schools is also available to use in person and by appointment only.

Subject Strengths:
History of Medical Education; History of Medicine
Last Updated:
18 Mar 2020