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The OSU Medical Heritage Center provides a repository for the collection, maintenance and preservation of historical records and artifacts pertaining to the health sciences history of Central Ohio. The center's holdings include rare books, archival collections and medical artifacts. The archive specializes in materials of prominent local health care providers, and health-related organizations of Central Ohio. Artifacts are retained by the Medical Heritage Center to exemplify the evolution of education and the practice of the heath sciences. The Coleman Rare Books area contains over 12,000 volumes, including local medical history resources, reference materials, and health-related works of historical significance.


Monographs: more than 12,000. Archival collections of Drs. Robert M. Zollinger, William G. Myers, Arthur G. James and others; medical instruments and equipment (some of which is cataloged and searchable on OCLC); The rare book collection and some artifacts are searchable on the Ohio State State University Libraries' online system (see above). Finding aids of the archival collections can be found on the Center's website.

1. Ackerman, G
2. Anderson, Homer
3. Anderson, Carole
4. Atwell, Robert
5. Bethel, Ray
6. Bouroncle, Bertha
7. Calhoon, Robert
8. Carey, Larry
9. Clatworthy, H
10. Cornwell, David
11. Cramblett, Henry
12. Ellison, E
13. Fontana, Mary
14. Graves-Chambers, Helen
15. Harding, George
16. Healy, Bernadine
17. Hess, Robert
18. Hunt, William
19. Inglis, Robert
20. Inglis, William
21. Jacoby, Jay
22. James, Arthur
23. Johnson, Ernest
24. Keller, Martin
25. King, James
26. Kirk, Robert
27. Kuhn, Albert
28. Lewis, Thomas
29. Mansfield, Edgar
30. Meckstroth, Charles
31. Mekhlian, Hagop
32. Metz, Earl
33. Morrow, Grant
34. Mount, John
35. Murphy, Robert
36. Patton, Joan
37. Pavey, Charles
38. Roberts, Stuart
39. Saunders, William
40. Shaffer, Thomas
41. Skillman, Thomas
42. Smead, William
43. St. Pierre, Ronald
44. Stevenson, Tom
45. Tzagournis, Manuel
46. Vincent, Donald
47. Wall, Robert
48. Wilkins, William
49. Williams, Thomas
50. Williams, P
51. Zollinger, Richard
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History of Medicine
Last Updated:
28 Jan 2016