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Mount Zion Hospital has been a part of San Francisco since 1887, and over the past 120+ years has received many gifts of books from its physicians. Since 1950, the most noteworthy of these have been held in a special "History of Medicine" (HOM) collection that currently is housed in the Hellman Conference Room at Mount Zion. The entire HOM collection is reflected in the California Digital Library's (CDL) Melvyl Catalog.

Many physicians at Mount Zion participated in an "Oral History" project in the 1980s & 1990s; these tapes also are cataloged in the CDL's Melvyl Catalog and stored with the HOM collection.

Selected archival materials (documents, photographs and ephemera) are cataloged in the Online Archive of California and on-site; selected materials may be photocopied.


Approximately 2,000 works; collection consists of special and rare books, medical instruments and artifacts, photographs, Mount Zion Hospital ephemera, and 50 oral history tapes.

1. Abrahm, Paul
2. Bernstein, Joseph
3. Botkin, Jerome
4. Brock, Morris
5. Brownstein, Harold
6. Burstein, Sandor
7. Coleman, Alan
8. Colloff, Ben
9. Daniels, Oscar
10. Drew, W
11. Feigenbaum, Lawrence
12. Feldman, Sanford
13. Fishbon, Harris
14. Friedman, M
15. Friedman, Meyer
16. Gershow, Jay
17. Glassberg, Alan
18. Glick, James
19. Goodman, Herbert
20. Gordon, Bernard
21. Greenberg, Julius
22. Gropper, Marc
23. Hassid, Eli
24. Jennings, Verena
25. Kasavin, Marina
26. Kerner, John
27. Kirchner, Marvin
28. Kvitash, Vadim
29. Lyons, Arthur
30. Mendle, Robert
31. Meyer, Morton
32. Mink, Morrie
33. Paley, Hyman
34. Reider, Raphael
35. Rosenbaum, Ernest
36. Rosenberg, Milton
37. Rosenblum, Morton
38. Rosenman, Leonard
39. Rosenman, Ray
40. Rushakoff, Oscar
41. Salans, A
42. Sampson, John
43. Sherman, Samuel
44. Siegel, Jack
45. Strauss, Sherman
46. Sung, Mary
47. Tennenbaum, Elie
48. Weil, Bernard
49. Weinstein, Harry
50. White, Anna
Subject Strengths:
History of Cardiology; History of Medicine; History of Psychiatry; History of Psychology
Last Updated:
14 Dec 2018