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Medical Artifact Collection at Western

Western University Lawson Hall, 2nd floor Department of History
London, Ontario N6A 5B8
Prof Shelley Mckellar, The Jason A. Hannah Chair in the History of Medicine
1 519-661-2111
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The Medical Artifact Collection at Western contains over 1200 artifacts, representing the practice and teaching of health and medicine in southwestern Ontario.

In 2004, Professors Shelley McKellar and Michelle Hamilton re-developed the collection to become a more viable teaching and research collection for university students and community researchers interested in material culture, object study, regional practices as well as any number of themes in the history of health and medicine.

It is not a museum open to the public, but the collection can be viewed online at . We are happy to facilitate requests from researchers interested in visiting the collection.


Originating with the Faculty of Medicine at Western in the late nineteenth century, our collection includes a range of objects related to cardiology, opthalmology, dentistry, pharmacology, surgery, homeopathy, obstretrics, phlebotomy, veterinary and military medicine, microscopy, anatomy, and alternative medicine from the late eighteenth to late twentieth centuries.

Visit our exhibits in Lawson Hall, or explore our website to learn more about our collection.

Subject Strengths:
History of Alternative Medicine; History of Anatomy; History of Dentistry; History of Homeopathy; History of Immunology; History of Medicine; History of Midwifery; History of Military/Naval Medicine; History of Neurology; History of Nursing; History of Oncology; History of Ophthalmology and Optometry; History of Orthopedics; History of Pathology; History of Public Health; History of Quackery and Health Fraud; History of Radiology; History of Surgery; History of Women in Medicine; History of the Practice of Medicine; Materia Medica
Last Updated:
25 May 2017